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Emiliana Ammirata

Emiliana Ammirata


Emiliana Ammirata is a Venezuelan independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She is a Sundance Fellow and holds a BFA degree in Film from Chapman University. Her work has been featured in Variety, REMEZCLA, Teen Vogue and most recently recognized by the Biennale Di Venezia. Emiliana currently assists the Documentary Film & TV department at Participant Media and is now producing two feature documentaries in Venezuela and a VR immersive experience with the Biennale College Cinema VR. She is heavily influenced by her roots, and hopes to make relevant and timely independent cinema that does not satisfy itself to one method of storytelling.

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Eloise Coopersmith


Eloise played a key role in bringing the concept of Home for Mom to life on the screen. She brought their imagination and professionalism to the forefront while working on this production.

Cast & Crew: Cast & Crew
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